The Glosso-files Training Program

Master your ability to connect, engage and resonate with an audience.

You have important information to share and you're likely doing it in an ever-expanding digital environment. Connecting with your audience has become more challenging than ever. With an exponential growth in online meetings, "Zoom Fatigue" has become a red flag for business professionals. Our body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice are under more scrutiny, and limited by the platforms themselves. Confidence is key and to build your confidence, you need the right tools. We want you to grab their attention and never let go.

Unlock your potential with the Glosso-files Training Program. Learn to make an impact with your audience.


the Glosso-files
Training Program

Training Modules


Learn how your values govern your presentation style. Explore how your thoughts and beliefs determine the content before you say your first words.

Story Selling

Neuroscience shows that audiences crave good storytelling. Our brains light up when we are engaged with the storyteller. Learn how to make a personal connection through authentic stories that resonate with your audience.


Develop a structure that enhances your strengths as a storyteller and helps you convey information clearly and concisely. Lead your audience from where they are to where you want them to be.

Body Language

Discover how the way you articulate your message is just as important as the message itself.

Introverts & Extroverts

Know your audience. Learn the best way to communicate with different communication styles by appreciating their differences and understanding how they process information.


If you feel nervous while speaking, you may be sending a different message to your audience than the one you're saying. Learn practical ways to present with confidence.

Visual-Verbal-Vocal Cues

Communication is 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words. Improve your external cues by paying particular attention to facial expressions, eye contact, body movement, and physical gestures.

Filler Words

If we added up the times we said 'ah,' 'um' and 'like' in our everyday speech, we would probably lose count. The average speaker uses five of these filler words every minute. Discover ways to make every word count and how to add the correct pause when needed.message itself.

Audience Segmentation

What does your audience want out of your presentation? Discover how elements like trust and credibility can help deliver your message successfully.

the Glosso-files
Training Program


Our mission: Standing ovations for all

We've all sat through enough bad presentations to realize great information often gets lost in poor execution. We believe in the notion of "best idea wins" and ensuring people have the right tools to express themselves. Don't let your winning idea get lost in your delivery. We know that valuable content, coupled with the right presentation skills, can create magic regardless of your line of work. At Stand and Command, our job is to guide individuals and organizations through strategic planning, personal coaching and in-house training to make your ideas and organization stand out.


meet your instructor

Avnish Mehta

Avnish helps professionals create strong network connections through the power of public speaking. Over the years, he has coached corporate leaders, TEDx speakers, and not-for-profit leaders to deliver captivating speeches and elevate the ways team members communicate with one another. One of his mentors once convinced him to take ten meetings per week, which made him see the value of personal relationships while tying into his belief in becoming "better and better." He and the Stand and Command team also developed an app called Fillerbuster, which helps speakers assess their voice quality by measuring pitch, frequency and power. Avnish brings a unique perspective to public speaking shaped by his extensive experience in finance, health services and non-profit organizations. By applying his comprehensive vision and practical tools, Avnish finds the best solutions for you and your organization.

“This training is an essential component of our on-boarding process for all new team members. If you have to present any type of information to others, these videos are a must.”

Aman A.


“Leading organizational change is big part of my role. Being able to communicate both the macro vision and the implementation, is essential to moving our organization forward. My training with Stand and Command gives me the frameworks I need to outline my presentations and ensure that they align with my authentic presentation style. The more I use the tools, the more my confidence grows.”

Jason B

Vice President Platforms

“As a senior leader in my organization and my industry, I work with Stand and Command to keep my pencil sharp. There are always ways to improve and the training gives me an opportunity to evaluate my progress, while always strengthening my foundation. It is worth every penny.”

Carol S

Senior Vice President

“In my industry, the story telling is everything. I used the Stand and Command training videos to help me share our company’s story with authenticity and accuracy. The videos covered all the essentials and gave me the framework to create my own presentation and story telling style. I use the knowledge daily and it influences how I represent our brand.”

Jackson S

Marketing Manager

“I have learned so much from my training with Stand and Command. From audience segmentation to key messages, I have a much better understanding how to structure my information in order for it to be impactful. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to find their ‘voice’ and wants to being improving their communication outputs in a very short amount of time.”

Toyin O

Executive Director & Artist

“We work in a very technical industry; being able to translate our knowledge to all of our stakeholders is a major competitive advantage. We use training from Stand and Command to help our senior leaders become more effective communicators. We are leaders in our industry and use the training to make sure we stay there.”

Doug L.

Managing Partner

The Glosso-files Training Program

Get 9 video tutorials and workbooks for just $210.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training designed for?

This program is perfect for anyone that does any public speaking or presenting within their company or organization. If you're looking to boost your online presentation skills with things like vlogs, videos and webinars, this program helps you improve your overall communication, composure and confidence.

I think this program would benefit several people in my company.Do you offer tailored training sessions?

Yes! Feel free to contact us to arrange for a program that best suits the needs of your organization. It's a great way for your team to improve their communication and presentation skills with co-workers, management and clients.

Do I need any prior knowledge or training to join this program?

Absolutely not. The program is designed to both teach and enhance public speaking and presentation skills.

Is there a set schedule for this program?

Absolutely not. The program is designed to both teach and enhance public speaking and presentation skills.

What does the $210 registration fee include?

You receive unlimited access to the nine training videos as well as the corresponding workbooks. You can register and make your payment on.

Do you offer any discounts or instalment plans on this program?

We have priced the Glosso-files Training Program at a very affordable rate, so we don't offer any discounts or installment plans.

Can I receive this training anywhere else?

The Glosso-files Training Program is created by Stand and Command and is inspired by the collective feedback from our clients over the years.

Are there any long-term contracts that I have to sign with Stand and Command?

No, we don't force anyone into any contract situation.

Am I able to reach out to Stand and Command if I need any assistance?

Absolutely, We're always here to help out with any questions you may have.